Call for Submissions: IDEN Issue 3 Creating Design Research

IDEN issue #3 is calling for papers for peer review, and non peer reveiwed opinion pieces, case studies, projects, etc around the theme of Creating Design Research.

Designers writing about their research practice, their research approach and their research experience in both formal (academic papers, journal articles, PhD) and applied (in Industry, processes, materials, etc…) ways. This issue is inviting different perspectives of how Designers question things and how they engage and investigate the concepts behind the existing and the not yet existing material (and immaterial) worlds. How are designers looking at the world in order to find points of design intervention? This could not only be an exploration or demonstration of research methodologies but also include practical and exploratory, experimental or even intuitive approaches. We want you to share how you as a Designer arrive at new or improved ways of doing things.

We would like to encourage everyone to consider participating in issue 3, take this as an opportunity to share with our community an aspect of your work, student or professional projects, research projects – (images please). To all Industrial Design related PhD  students and graduates, please send us a few words about your thesis and a reflection on your current feelings about the PhD, whether completed or not.
Key Dates
  • March 10 – Abstracts Due (for peer reviewed papers – max 500 words)
  • July – Full Submissions Due
  • Sept/Oct – Publication
Miles Park, Christian Tietz, Berto Pandolfo
Enquires or submissions: or